Chin Injeti Honours Black Women With Song For The Love Of Life

by Marcus Adetola

17th February, 2021

Chin Injeti honours black women with the new single, For the Love of Life. It’s an inspirational track that brings to light the mistreatment of women of colour in society. The Grammy Award-winning Producer teams up with Canadian based Hip-Hop artist, Teon Gibbs, to explore these issues. The single carries a solemn feel glossed with an intoxicating sound that shimmers with reflective qualities. Both artists cultivate a partnership that draws you into the intricate and intimate nature of the subject.

The inspiration for the song came about by a chance encounter that occurred during the pandemic.

“The world as I knew it had completely changed, we were all in isolation and somehow even with all the space between us, we still managed to hurt each other, cheat each other, manipulate each other, and kill each other. And sometimes, we did all these things on live TV and on social platforms, shamelessly for the world to see.

One of the best things that happened to me during this crazy time, was that I was craving for connection and for the first time in my life I actually did something about it…I reached out! Miraculously someone reciprocated, and instantly a friendship was struck.

I met Zaina right at the beginning of all the craziness. She is a visual artist and actor. We got on the subject of family and religion . She is from Saudi and has been here since 2011. We had brilliant conversations about her faith (Muslim) & her place in it as a woman. That conversation seamlessly wove into another subject – The challenges of being a woman of color in a Canadian city like Vancouver.

Zaina said so many enlightening powerful things. So powerful that they inspired this song. “FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE” is about all the incredible women of color that I have come to know, that have inspired me, that have taught me & most of all, that have loved me.”
– Chin Injeti

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