Cheska Moore’s Bloodline Is A Unique Breakup Anthem

by Lauren Williams

17th April, 2020

Cheska Moore’s Bloodline initially opens with a single Ukulele that is reminiscent of the opening of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

The South-London singer-songwriter reminds me of our beloved British artists; Lily Allen and Kate Nash – empowered women who love to stick their middle finger up to douche-bag ex-boyfriends and Cheska Moore certainly falls into this category. With Bloodline, she juxtapositions her ‘child-like’ backing instruments comprising of a glockenspiel with resentful lyrics: 

I gave you too much, time after time
Cos you made me happy but you make me cry 

Bloodline initially sounds quite upbeat, until you start to listen to the lyrics and realise it is a breakup song disguised as happy, loving tribute. Beginning with the cheery, fun sound of the ukulele, vocals, instruments and even laughter are layered one by one which is pretty unique when you hear the phrase, ‘breakup song’, but it works. 

The song then takes a darker turn, with Cheska’s vocals turning slower, more haunting during the bridge, before pulling back to the chorus. It gives the listener a sense of gaining the upper hand through its overly jovial backing layers, and you know what they say, “he who laughs last, laughs longest“.

I hope this track gets the recognition it deserves, for its unique combination of heartfelt lyrics, cleverly mixed with alt-pop vibes.

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