Cassidy King Gets Lost In The Moment With Four In The Morning

by Terry Guy

8th July, 2021

Celebrate the Pride Season with singer, songwriter Cassidy King’s mid-tempo, love song Four In The Morning. It delivers an effortlessly performed, Folk-inspired, acoustic guitar arpeggio, alongside an overall Dream Pop-esque production via atmospheric, reverb effects and lamenting, backing vocals.

Elements of Ellie Goulding’s distinctive voice shines through, whilst the simplicity of the instrumentation leaves enough room for us to pay attention to Cassidy’s angelic vocals, which lifts us with an infectious, sing-along melody and memorable lyrics such as “can I be the safe to your sound.”

We cannot help but embrace such an ear-grabbing track, in which you are hooked from the pre-chorus onwards. We highly recommend that you, not only add this track to your Summer, chillout playlists, but that you also check out the stunning visuals of Four In The Morning’s official music video.

Four in the Morning is about chasing infatuation with no regard to where it could lead. It’s about living in that moment of freedom before anything gets too serious, right before you reach the fear of falling for them.

Keep an eye out for the talented Cassidy King’s anticipated, second EP
which drops later this year.

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