Being a rap artist is all I’ve ever wanted

It makes a change to hear a British accent over a Trap beat, brought to UK listeners in the form of ‘Diamonds’ by skillful MC Brodie, Enfield’s new face of underground Rap. It is tracks like this that become living proof that modern Southern US Rap music production has made its’ way to the UK in style. However, it is the ambitious and bold rape performance of Brodie which grabs our attention from the get-go and considering he is only 17 it is obvious that the fresh Urban act is not afraid to show off his musical talents, as one of the UK’s newest and up-and-coming Hip-Hop artists.

Lyrically, at times, ‘Diamonds’ comes across as a vengeful song toward “the ex,” while Brodie raps “this a little message for the girls that tried to diss, right now when you hear this you’re regretting who you’re with”…LMFAO. Brodie is a cheeky one to look out for on the underground music circuit right now, even if it is for his entertaining, egotistical lyrics, which at times are so tongue-in-cheek they make you laugh out loud.

Musically, ‘Diamonds’ delivers a great chord structure performed on the Electric guitar, with clean yet edgy effects which could easily have been heard in the early ’90s, mid-tempo Grunge songs, over a sick beat.

My inspiration for writing ‘Diamonds’ was my desire to be a star in UK rap. I was seeing people blow up around that time and it just fuelled me to write ‘Diamonds’, as it made me feel like I can do it too. You can hear the hunger and passion in the track and I think that’s what makes it powerful. Being a rap artist is all I’ve ever wanted, and I was almost speaking all the things I wanted into existence.” – Brodie

‘Diamonds’ is the follow-up to Brodie’s previous singles ‘Rain On Em’ and ‘Rest & Pray’ which will all be included on his upcoming debut EP dropping very soon.

Think of Brodie as “the male Riri” and you’ll know what to expect.