Bounce to Jordan Frescher's new trackBounce to Jordan Frescher’s new track, it’s worth every second listening to it. Jordan’s flow comes across as fresh and energetic over the highly emotive instrumentals. And he effortlessly captivates you with sleek, boastful, and introspective lyricism. Frescher delivers catchy lines, and a dope hook that makes you want to party and have a great time.

walk in Fresch, My niggas see me Yoo!
we gone hit Sativa never sleepy -NO!
Pull up with a foreign she no speakie -Oh
nugget on my chest look like C3PO
we gon party (til 4)
Pour that drank up
like you ain’t gotta wake up

Bounce is a fun track with a conscious disposition that Jordan Frescher holds the theme to with aplomb. His delivery is solid, and he has set the bar high on this one.