Borderline by Alexz Johnson – A Journey to the Edge of Emotion and Back

by Marcus Adetola

30th October, 2023

Borderline by Alexz Johnson - A Journey to the Edge of Emotion and Back

Canadian independent singer/songwriter Alexz Johnson’s song Borderline, taken from her album Seasons, is an anthem for the brave-hearted that strikes a resonant chord universally.

From the very first line, “I was eighteen just yesterday“, Johnson plunges us into a whirlwind of nostalgia, reminding us of the fleeting nature of time. The song’s narrative captures the unpredictability of life, the risks we take, and the love we find along the way. Johnson’s lyrical prowess shines through with lines like “How many times can you run a red? You gotta live it for yourself till you’re finally dead“, which is both a nod to the recklessness of youth and a call to live life to the fullest.

The instrumentation is a delightful blend of pop-rock elements. Electric guitars strum out a rhythm that’s both energetic and contemplative, while the drums keep a steady, heart-pounding beat. The keyboards add a layer of depth, making the track rich and immersive. But it’s Johnson’s voice that truly steals the show. Powerful, expressive, and dripping with emotion, she belts out each line with a passion that’s palpable.

The chorus, with its repeated line “You won’t know till you make it to the borderline”, is the kind of earworm that lodges itself in your brain and refuses to leave. It’s catchy, memorable, and encapsulates the song’s overarching theme of embracing the unknown.

One of the standout verses, “I never knew I’d have so much to lose. How did I even deserve you?”, showcases Johnson’s vulnerability. It’s a raw reflection on love, loss, and the choices we make. The subsequent lines about taking chances and finding faith add depth to the narrative, making it relatable to anyone who’s ever stood at life’s crossroads.

The bridge is a crescendo of hope and resilience. Johnson’s vision of the future, “painted on the wall“, is one of optimism, suggesting that no matter the hurdles, we’ll always find our way. The song then culminates in a rousing finale, with the word “borderline” echoing, leaving listeners on a high.

Alexz Johnson Seasons album cover
Alexz Johnson Seasons album cover

Alexz Johnson has managed to weave her personal tales into a universal story of love, risk, and discovery. It’s a track that encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, to dance on the edge, and to always, always keep moving forward. For those looking for a song that’s both a balm for the soul and a jolt of energy, Borderline is it. So, here’s to living on the edge and finding magic along the way!

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