Blues on the Crosley Is A Comforting Christmas Song From Justy

by Terry Guy

27th November, 2020

Justy, a brilliant music artist originally from Brooklyn, has recently dropped Blues on the Crosley, a slow jam, Christmas song for the “broken-hearted”. We can’t get enough of its downtempo vibe, reminiscent of Melanie Fiona’s Alternative R&B style which is delivered with profoundly honest lyrics, thoughtfully describing the experience of love and loss. Words like “a house ain’t a home if you take out the you” will instantly choke you up, and the referencing of legendary musicians such as Nat King Cole will bring about that feeling of nostalgia most of us feel this time of year.

Blues on the Crosley is a masterfully captured moment, and one where its tragic story of loneliness unexpectedly brings about sexual vibes with the use of an electric, lead guitar performing a slick solo in the chorus sections.

Despite the song’s melancholic themes, there is a sensuality which will undoubtedly make the listener feel warm for the winter, with a loved one, not without them. The song’s simple but flawless production, the deepness of the bass, and Justy’s husky yet silky, delay-effected, Macy Gray-esque vocal tone reflects on a romantic scene where you will be “making love” to your lover, rather than “saying goodbye” to them. It is a masterfully captured moment, which showcases hints of the singer’s Jazz Hip-Hop influences such as icon Amy Winehouse.

All there is left to say is, Justy, thank you for recording real music. And to Neon’s followers, be sure to add Blues on the Crosley by Justy to all your Christmas playlists.

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