Blair Lee’s Less Or More Is A Summer Breeze

by Beth Shipley

2nd April, 2020

Blair Lee’s Less Or More is a summer breeze, a hippy-dippy acoustic Sunday afternoon track. There’s an enjoyable, steady thud with twinkly whispers and a flowery rhythm. It’s carefree and calming, pretty and stress-free. The soft, subtle sounds of Blair Lee’s voice take you away to a happier place; a joyful, calming serenity. Amongst the happy acoustic-ness, there is a jingly, wavy layer, subtly adding a new dimension in the background. This gives Less Or More a new dynamic and breaks it apart from generic one-melody, acoustic tracks.

In parts, it’s quite difficult to decipher what Lee is singing but it’s still a peaceful Sunday track, the type of music you want to listen to before the Monday morning anxiety kicks in. Less Or More is sugary pop for those with a sweet tooth – it’s easy listening and something you can fade away to.

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