being anne’s cold bitch – A Vulnerable Journey Through Digital Heartbreak

by Marcus Adetola

20th November, 2023

being anne's cold bitch - A Vulnerable Journey Through Digital Heartbreak

Being anne’s debut single, cold bitch, is a poignant reflection on modern love, loss, and the struggle to remain authentic in a world that often values emotional detachment – a powerful reminder of the beauty and pain of being unapologetically human.

It offers a hauntingly raw narrative that defies the typical tropes of break-up songs. Born in France with a life split between the US and Germany, being anne brings a unique blend of cultural influences to her music, which is vividly reflected in this track.

The song opens with the line, “Here I go again, pouring my heart into a camera lens,” instantly setting the stage for a modern tale of love and loss. Being anne’s lyrics vividly depict a breakup in the digital age, where emotions are compressed into pixels and heartache is transmitted via FaceTime. This contemporary twist on the age-old story of heartbreak resonates deeply in a world where digital communication often replaces face-to-face interactions.

The arrangement is stripped down to its core, with a simple piano melody intertwined with a distorted bass line. This sparse instrumentation creates a haunting soundscape that allows being anne’s voice to take centre stage. Her vocal delivery is raw and unfiltered, embodying the vulnerability and pain of the lyrics. The contrast between the minimalist music and the complexity of emotions conveyed is striking, making the song deeply moving.

Being anne’s songwriting shines through in her blunt and honest lyrics that cut deep. Lines like “I overfeel, you overthink” and “You’re trying to find equations to cardiac complications” are poetic, offering a profound commentary on the emotional disconnect that often leads to the demise of relationships. The chorus, with its vivid imagery of burning clothes and throwing out TVs, is both a cathartic release of anger and a defiant stand against becoming emotionally numb.

being anne cold bitch song cover
being anne cold bitch song cover

This single makes a bold statement for a first release, promising a repertoire that’s unafraid to delve into the messiness of human emotions. Being anne’s ability to balance raw emotional expression with a minimalist musical approach marks her as an artist to watch in the indie music scene.

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