Anjali Taneja Infuses Nostalgic And Mellow Vibes On Keepsake

by Marcus Adetola

11th January, 2022

Although the song Keepsake is more attuned to a breakup, Anjali Taneja creates a feel-good vibe with lush vocals that meld serenely into mellow beats and instrumentals to create a wholesome vibe. Anjali balances a mix of sweet R&B, Reggae melodies with a touch of soul and a retro appeal to create an infectious sound.

Please say that you moved on and you don’t need me these days (these days)
Need babe, I tried so hard to be just what you need, babe (need babe)
Replay, I can’t stop looking back, I let it replay (replay)
A keepsake, I took your favorite hoodie as a keepsake

Anjali’s lyrics on Keepsake are serendipitous and non-conventional, as it is not often you look to a breakup in a positive light. However, it evokes a bucket load of delightful nostalgia you want to soak in.
Keepsake could be the new generation trend of post-breakup songs.

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