An Impressive Performance From Just Mustard At The Prince Albert, Brighton

by Hugo Beynon

31st October, 2019

Just Mustard

Just Mustard released their debut album ‘Wednesday’ last year to high praise, earning them the support slot on the UK tour for fellow upcoming and Irish group Fontaines D.C.

Their music has been described as a combination of trip-hop and shoegaze, with influences from My Bloody Valentine with their shoegazy guitars, and from Massive Attack with whispery vocals shrouded in mystery. Let’s not forget the impeccable rhythm section with standout basslines and tight drum parts. Most notably on the song ‘Pigs’.

Just Mustard’s show at Brighton’s Prince Albert was packed with the room brimming. They played their latest singles and several tracks from ‘Wednesday’. For a debut album, ‘Wednesday’ is very impressive with fantastic performances and a great sounding mix. Everything fits together very nicely, and the limelight is shared equally on tracks. It’s clear the band cares about their songs and I love the fact no one is greedy on the album, it’s a good, solid collective effort.

The band gave a tight performance and their music translates well live, with the band looking as secretive as the music. A slightly tense and rigid crowd slowly eased into their set and, nearing the end, had loosened up. I feel this was down to the band. Their lack of engagement meant they looked slightly distant on stage so I would have liked them to look more comfortable.

Despite the slightly stiff crowd, this didn’t stop me from enjoying myself. I loved their show. I caught them earlier in the year headlining the upcoming artists stage at Green Man festival and their show was one of the highlights of the weekend. Granted, it was a tough show to beat but I was keen to see what they could do in a smaller and more intimate environment without festival stage lights and an outside crowd. Overall, I was impressed. Especially considering this was their first headlining tour of the UK, and it’s clear the band is still finding their feet after only a handful of releases.

Just Mustard’s singles since ‘Wednesday’ have been equally impressive with Seven, and October really standing out. ‘Seven’ sounds amazing and both songs show growth from their debut in songwriting, solidifying the band’s sound.

I really look forward to seeing Just Mustard perform again and wonder how they plan to outdo themselves. They are an exciting upcoming act, with a unique sound and interesting image. Their next album is highly anticipated and I’m looking forward to watching this band grow.

Go listen to their debut album and buy tickets for when they next come to your town.

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