I just finished binge watching Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ and I loved it. Maybe not as much as the first season of Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but it was highly entertaining for a Marvel fanboy. I know some might disagree; yes ‘Iron Fist’ gets frustrating at times due to the slow pace, but one thing I believe most would agree on is the soundtrack. It was super dope, taking you on a hip-hop journey through time. You get doses of tunes that were highly popular during their release time and those that faired less but equally as good.
Incorporating classic and new hip-hop tracks into the show were divine and felt like something Rza from Wu-Tang would be proud of. It was great to hear ‘So Fresh So Clean’ from Outkast, Anderson Paak ‘Come Down’, Big Pun, Joe and more. If you haven’t seen the series, my advice would be to watch it patiently and forget what you know about the comic books. Sit back and enjoy the new experience.

And whether you are a fan or not, of comic book films or movies, the Iron Fist soundtrack is something you will find entertaining and enjoyable.

Iron Fist soundtrack is available for streaming or to buy digitally on Spotify