Aisa’s Company – A Cosy R&B Ballad

by Marcus Adetola

19th November, 2023

Aisa's Company - A Cosy R&B Ballad

Aisa, a rising 23-year-old R&B artist, brings a refreshing simplicity to the genre with his latest track, Company. This song is a gentle nod to the classic romantic ballad, infused with a modern twist.

Company is characterised by its slow tempo and straightforward melody, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The use of piano, guitar, and strings as the primary instruments adds a traditional touch, while Aisa’s smooth vocals bring a contemporary feel. The song’s production, a collaborative effort with Louallday of 88rising and Floyd Fuji, strikes a balance between polished and unpretentious.

The music video, directed by Miles Murphy, complements the song’s theme well. It’s a visual representation of the track’s essence – a celebration of relationships, whether with friends, family, or loved ones. The video’s casual and genuine vibe, showcasing a night out with Aisa’s real-life friends, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the song.

Lyrically, Company is straightforward yet effective. It talks about the comfort and energy derived from being with the right people. Lines like “This is our symphony / This is our energy, I’m talking ’bout inner peace” capture the essence of the song – the joy and tranquilly found in good company.

Aisa Company song cover
Aisa Company song cover

Overall, Company is a solid addition to Aisa’s growing discography. It doesn’t try to be overly complex or groundbreaking, but instead finds its strength in its simplicity and relatability. For those who enjoy a laid-back, soulful R&B track, Company is definitely worth a listen.

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