Aaron Taos Celebrates Being In Love With New Single

by Emma Reynolds

9th July, 2021

Upbeat, romantic, and pop-driven is this stunning new song I Must Be In Love from Aaron Taos. It is a journey through the emotions of the soul during the period of falling in love and realising you’re in love.

Taos is an ex-Vassar soccer player and is originally from Connecticut. He has been playing the guitar since the age of 7 and was in bands; writing and playing music since his teen years. Originally, it was soccer that took his attention in terms of his career and he was on the All-New England team at secondary school. In college; this focus shifted as he began to play in bands that took influence from artists such as The Arctic Monkeys and the Shins. Now, we have the gift of his awesome electro-indie-rock romance music.

The lyrics of I Must Be In Love tell the story of the moment when you first meet someone and you start thinking you’re falling in love with them and the verses serve as the confessional as the protagonist is working through these feelings. Taos says it’s “the point where I am describing my symptoms to myself through the guise of singing to this other person. As each verse ends, the chorus comes in as the answer to the preceding ruminations. Its hook lyrics begin more unsure, “I think I’m in love,” to a bit more confidant, “I must be in love,” to the final loud begrudging acceptance, “Well fuck it, I’m in love!”

The tone of the song is joyful, reflecting the ecstatic and exciting emotions of falling in love. The song is truly beautiful and speaks to anyone who has ever fallen in love and wasn’t sure at first whether or not that person was for them… to finally accepting yes, this person is for me!

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