A Harmonious Discord: aslongas by mynameisntjmack, Wakai, and Tommy Richman

by Marcus Adetola

7th June, 2024

A Harmonious Discord: aslongas by mynameisntjmack, Wakai, and Tommy Richman

A melancholic piano melody gently ushers us into aslongas, where a slow, deep bassline and a groovy drum pattern establish a relaxed rhythm. 

The track, taken from mynameisntjmack’s debut album “mynameisnt,” released on May 29th, features the distinctive talents of talented artists Wakai and Tommy Richman.

mynameisntjmack mynameisnt album cover
mynameisntjmack mynameisnt album cover

The track’s alternating soundscapes serve as the backdrop for introspective lyrics and mellow bars that create an engaging atmosphere.

The song, a blend of emotions, explores the complexities of pushing someone away and immediately regretting it. 

Each artist contributes a unique perspective on the theme, detailing their experiences with a nondescript “her.”

Tommy Richman offers insight into intimate family matters; Wakai adds southern bravado; and mynameisntjmack delivers intense introspection. 

This amalgamation results in a distinct alt-jazzy vibe sure to resonate with listeners.

The Virginia native mynameisntjmack’s verses reveal his anxieties and struggles, touching upon themes of addiction, doubt, and depression.

His candidness about these battles establishes a connection with those facing similar challenges, reminding them that they are not alone. 

Wakai, representing the streets of Baton Rouge, adds his own flavour to the mix; his verses bring a southern swagger to the track while also delving into themes of betrayal and resilience. 

Tommy Richman is a multifaceted artist whose journey to prominence is as intriguing as his music.

From the viral success of Million Dollar Baby to the raw emotion poured into each verse, his contributions offer a poignant look at the struggles of addiction within a family context, highlighting the pain and hope intertwined with such experiences.

aslongas is a captivating musical journey that combines diverse styles and perspectives. 

The song’s melancholic piano melody, groovy drum patterns, and introspective lyrics create a harmonious discord that leaves a lasting impression. 

This collaborative effort showcases the unique talents of each artist involved, resulting in a refreshing and evocative musical experience.

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mynameisntjmack, Wakai & Tommy Richman aslongas Lyrics

Verse 1: mynameisntjmack
I’ve been tryna switch positions, but been met with opposition by you
You 5’2″ but you always standin’ up to my moves
I never get it, you have points of true contentions ‘fore I said
It’s been a party since you left, me, myself and
Make a couple show tunes, a couple songs to show you
I’m way too fuckin’ anxious to be seen around these locals
They ask me why I never make some hopeful shit, like

Verse 2: mynameisntjmack
I can’t really lose nothing ’cause
All I really got is time
You don’t have to call me crazy
As long as I can call you mine
As long as I can take my time
As long as the week and and the peacе we keep take me off your mind

Bridge: mynameisntjmack
You don’t, you don’t havе to call
You don’t, you don’t have to call
You don’t, you don’t have to call
You don’t have to call on me

Verse 3: mynameisntjmack
(Hello?) Please, can someone get me out of here?
It feel like something too counterproductive in the atmosphere or stratosphere, it’s bad in here
I prolly fucked up once again but what is fuckin’ up if up is just a place we fuckin’ in?
It doesn’t end, it doesn’t end
You prolly got another friend
He tell you he’ll be there for you if I tell you I’m done with it
What’s up with him?
I guess we cool
I prolly try to fight him and get jumped by all your dudes, like

Verse 4: Wakai
Pull up with my goons, he wouldn’t mind, I assume
In the room for weak, it turnin’ cheap, that shit weak
Think anotha’ brotha’ could suffice like me? Nah
Think you tweakin’, marijuana too much reefa
Shouldn’t it be important to the pain of
And I ain’t wanna be, but, see, this dude made my woman a cheata’
I’m not the one to brag or boast
My psyche begun and for fun he keep told
I am not the one who play the game like most
Those who can’t be close, I learned a lot from my folks

Verse 5: Wakai
Eyes tightened, needed less because less is more
You don’t have to pop ’cause I’m at the [?] and slide on folk
And that’s just how it is and it forever go
‘Cause if you play the field and they treat you like another
You ain’t have to feel like this
I got a [?] finna rap on Logic Pro X
I bypass my feelings and then I don’t respect
So what you expect? Get that next, yes

Verse 6: Tommy Richman
I took her to the gas station just to get some gas, mate
It was day and I’m outside all day, I’ma pass out
Yeah, this shit just make me feel like at my damn daddy’s crack house
Last night, it was a true fright
He was mentally here, he’s about to commit suicide
But I stopped him then I saw my tracks again
Then I slapped him, then I made it back again
He’s a good man, I just want my damn friend
Every night for many months, yeah, this shit would never end
Every night for many months, yeah, this shit would never end
Every night for many months, yeah, this shit would never end

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