Lukey StoreyLuke Storey can certainly tell a story through his music. Battling with his mental health, ADHD and addiction problems over the years it has allowed Lukey to create unique music where his lyrics about love and life make it feel as if he is storytelling directly into your ears.

Mixing together tropic instruments, smooth sounds and a dash of Reggae, Lukey created his new single ‘Made for Love’ featuring the beautiful Stac. The North West London rapper launched himself on the music scene as a solo artist last year. With mental health slowly becoming more spoken about in the public eye, and so it should be, Lukey is using his platform to spread awareness, and to delve into the realism of life.

It’s no secret that we all enjoy a love song from time to time, and when I first listened to ‘Made For Love’ it was enjoyable to hear a rapper performing a track about love, especially when you compare it to the usual rap music I listen to.

The ‘Made For Love’ music video opens up with Lukey and Stac in black and white, with the only piece of colour being a red heart balloon, implying that even through dark times, love is always there. Lukey proves this point with his lyrics, “We could be made for love but that scares me.

The artist describes ‘Made For Love’, “It’s a song from two perspectives, for me it’s a conflicted love song about taking a relationship for granted, denying myself how I have felt and then honouring its meaning.

Today Lukey Storey releases his new single today called ‘Touched A Nerve‘ which is about the pain of romantic grief and using drugs as a form of escapism.

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