21 Savage’s Redrum: A Deeper Look into the Lyricism and Production

by Alex Harris

16th January, 2024

21 Savage's Redrum: A Deeper Look into the Lyricism and Production

Introduction to Redrum

The music industry witnessed a captivating addition with the release of Redrum by 21 Savage, a track that has been making waves since its release on January 12, 2024.

This song, featured on his third studio album, American Dream, is not just a musical piece but a storytelling masterpiece, blending 21 Savage’s unique style with profound lyrical content.

The Crafting of Redrum

Produced by the renowned London on da Track, Redrum showcases a collaboration that transcends conventional rap boundaries.

21 Savage and London on da Track, both credited as songwriters, have created a symbiosis of haunting melodies and hard-hitting lyrics.

The song samples “Serenata do Adeus” by Antônio Carlos Jobim, adding a layer of depth to the track.

Redrum: Lyricism and Symbolism

21 Savage, known for his evocative storytelling, uses Redrum to delve into themes of street credibility and personal struggles.

The title, a clever play on the word “murder” spelled backward, pays homage to the 1980 horror classic, The Shining.

This reference is not merely a nod to popular culture, but a symbolic representation of the song’s dark and intense mood.

The lyrics, rich in imagery and metaphor, explore the realities of life on the streets. Lines like “G Block, all we know is redrum” and “My Glock Gen5 said hey” are not just artistic expressions but reflections of a lifestyle and mindset.

The outro further intensifies this atmosphere, sampling a scene from The Shining, thereby weaving cinematic elements into the musical tapestry.

Redrum: Visual Representation in the Music Video

Directed by Danny Seth, the music video for Redrum takes the audience on a journey through 21 Savage’s roots in London.

It juxtaposes iconic London landmarks with the grittier aspects of Brixton, offering a stark visual representation of the song’s themes.

This visual storytelling complements the song’s narrative, creating a holistic experience for the listener.

Critical Acclaim and Cultural Impact

Redrum has received critical acclaim for its compelling blend of horrorcore, trap, and gangsta rap elements.

Critics have praised 21 Savage’s effortless flows and the song’s catchy yet terrifying vibes.

The song stands as a testament to 21 Savage’s versatility and his ability to push the boundaries of traditional rap music.

21 Savage American dream album cover
21 Savage American dream album cover


Redrum by 21 Savage is a narrative woven with intricate lyricism, compelling production, and symbolic references.

As the song continues to resonate with audiences, it cements 21 Savage’s place as a pivotal figure in modern music, capable of blending storytelling with cultural commentary.

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