WIFEY by YourBoyMars Ft. Adrian Dzvuke is a banger. The afro-swing inspired song will get you dancing in no time. YourBoyMars, the 18-year-old Eritrean artist from Perth, Australia, lays catchy rhythmic vocals on African and Caribbean inspired instrumentals. YourBoyMars’ partnership with Adrian Dzvuke works as the two combine effortlessly, with each dropping catchy rap verses. The hook on WIFEY is sic, I could listen to it solely without the rap.

Aquafina dripping on my nikes
Bust down it ain’t like me

One step two step I don’t bite b
See that peng over der got me hyped g

Aquafina dripping on my nikes
Bust down it ain’t like me

One step two step I don’t bite b
See her in my vision got me tripping got me talking about some

Yes, it’s that good! The melody is so wavy it will fit right into summer.

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