Introducing London-based rap artist Wavy$oul with his new music video ‘Cigarettes’ which is about a relationship based on living that chilled life, “just wanna make love and smoke cigarettes.

‘Cigarettes’ is a mellow track with a hazy feel and instrumental beat which is rather addictive.

Wavy$oul started his music career in Portugal participating in rap and beat-box battles from the young age of 14. Growing up on the tough streets of Lisbon, Wavy honed his craft and released a number of underground tracks which caught the critis eye. Last year Wavy$oul teamed up with London music company BGM Entertainment and was introduced to Producer Rapper Mini D. who has over 40 million YouTube views.

Wavy$oul is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to his next few releases. He says, “The two most important things in your life: The day you were born and the day you find out why . . . Music.

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