Where do I begin? ‘Undercover’ by London-based singer-songwriter Mo Brandis has a suave and fluid rhythm right from the beginning all the way to the end. The song features a smooth R&B feeling in the verses where you can’t help but simply bop your head to the beat. The chorus has an 80’s sound that I feel can be enjoyed by both the older generation along with the new. R&B isn’t a genre I often listen to, if at all, but I am definitely feeling this tune.  This is the first release from Mo’s forthcoming EP of the same name, ‘Undercover.’

The vocals are what I consider the topping on the cake. They are not too weak and they are not overdone for the overall atmosphere of the song. I also feel that the higher pitch during the chorus is another factor that gives it that 80’s sound which is pleasant on the ears. The lyrics are playful in the way Mo Brandis is singing about a girl he wants to be more than just friends with. Personally, my favourite line is “Everything you say sounds like la-di-da-di-day.

Mo Brandis himself has already had Top 10, platinum and gold releases as a songwriter in ten different countries, touring over 35 countries over the last few years as part of the soul/ funk act Incognito. Now he is really making a mark with his debut solo material,

Overall, I say bravo to Mo Brandis on a stellar song that I will more than likely have stuck in my head for a while.

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