An ideal summer track comes in the form of 19-year-old Norwegian pop sensation Trevis and his latest single ‘Way You Do It’. The pool party visuals complement this hot season and Latino vibe.

Trevis says, “the concept for this was to have as many people from different backgrounds, all having a good time, turning up together for a sick pool-party. I feel we definitely captured a good summer vibe, just like the song… and I like the way that it turned out…baby.”

Trevis has embraced music from a young age and as his parents were keen travelers and they visited over 100 countries, this influence has shaped his sound. Trevis also spent three years in sunny LA as an exchange student. Drawing influences from artists such as Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, Trevis is not just a superb vocalist but can add rapping and instrumentalist to his list of credentials.

Stream ‘Way You Do It’ here.

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