Known for her psychedelic 70s style of music, Thandii unveils the music video for her latest single ‘Another One’.

Describing the carefree vibe she says, “‘Another One’ is written for cruising or travelling, without a place to be.” She continues, “The song is about infatuation or addiction, particularly between people. I wanted to explore that moment when a person has succumbed to the influence of another, and it has a powerful effect on them, but they’re completely unaware of it – or maybe they are aware of it but don’t want to accept its change on them. I’ve been caught off guard like that before.

Thandii continues, “Tom Dream, the director of the video picked up on that moment and echoed it with a wandering, slightly disorientated, dazed & confused cruise through different situations in day-to-day life. Whether that be out walking on a typical windy day on the coast, or at a roller disco in the evening. This backdrop then channels the idea of trying to reconcile a relationship in any number of unpredictable situations as you lucidly two-step through your day, not knowing where any of it is going.

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