Sizzy Rocket takes no prisoners with her new single ‘That Bitch’. It has some of the most badass lines in a song –  it’s pretty gangsta.

Look just like an angel but I’ll put you through hell
Throw the TV out the window of my hotel
Sometimes I wish that I could just make out with the mirror
‘Cause goddamn, I feel, myself, yeah
I’m like nobody else, yeah

The instrumentals on ‘That Bitch’ are loud and energetic, sure to get your adrenaline pumping. With badass lyrics, great riffs, and melodies, Sizzy’s ‘That Bitch’ is so catchy.

The punky, retro music video adds to the aesthetic feel of the track has slick. Sizzy is lively and uninhibited on the music video showing it’s ok to be you.

It’s one hell of an empowerment song bound to drive your confidence from 0 to 100 real quick.

There are no holds barred with Sizzy Rocket – trifle with her at your peril.

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