It’s RIKA with the red hair, making us all want to be her BFF with her new music video for her latest track ‘Open.’ The colourful video, surrounded by her girlfriends shows RIKA putting her heart on the line for her loved one, I think a few of us can relate to that!

Half-Indian, half-Serbian emerging Pop sensation RIKA has a powerful vibe that draws you in as soon as the music video starts. With a smooth, beautiful voice against a vibrant, ‘full of life’ music video, it shows RIKA’s soft and fun side, letting us fans get to know her better. 

Europe’s biggest Tik Tok star Holly H and 2018 X-Factor semi-finalist Bella Penfold also featured in the music video, bringing together fierce, strong female characters, a great way to be entering 2020.

So if you wanna dance and feel powerful, ‘Open’ is out now on all streaming platforms, so there is no excuse to not listen!

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