We’re still singing Dusky Grey’s single ‘Told Me‘ which was released in November 2016 and we featured the acoustic version at the end of last year. Singles ‘Told Me’ and ‘Call Me Over’ have racked up an incredible 18 million streams. Now the Welsh duo is back with ‘Joy Ride’ which was produced by James Earp and released via East West / Warner Music.

Joy Ride is about the peer pressure young people feel as they’’re growing up“, Dusky Grey explains, “It’’s such a common thing for teenagers to be doing things because their friends are, even if they don’’t necessarily want to. It’’s about “everyone else is doing it, so why don’t you?” The moment we all experience. We thought it was important to relay the message of just doing what you want to do, and not letting anyone force or encourage you to do anything you’’re not into.”

There is something incredibly warm and likeable about Dusky Grey and they know how to create upbeat, catchy pop hits with fresh production and relevant subject matters. ‘Joy Ride’ displays an irresistible summery feel with a memorable pop hook and charismatic vocals. I particularly like the lyrics:

I’m overblown and faceless
Surrounded by this fake bliss


Are you happier now all your demons out? Do you really think?
When you dive and you drown and you wanna get out, do you swim?

Whatever ride Dusky Grey takes you on, it’s bound to be pure joy.

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