Petit Biscuit, the 18-year-old French electronic artist is back with the visuals for ‘Suffer’ featuring Swedish vocalist Skott.

Petit Biscuit comments on the music video, “We asked Theo & Akim, the two directors, to write a story that was about fire, with a darker atmosphere, I love how they turned this into a weird love story, with all those flashbacks that the girl has, of what was once good then turned bad. It’s telling us about how our memories are important to build ourselves, even if it hurts a lot remembering them.

Vocalist Skott adds, “The lyrics are about the two sides of loneliness—on one hand it can be isolating, but on the other it can be liberating or empowering to be on your own. And I feel like the video kind of leaves it open to interpretation. While the burning girl is symbolism for pain and suffering, she also comes out of it alive and unharmed, with almost a sense of determination in her walk. Like she’s gone through some stuff and come out stronger.

‘Suffer’ debuted earlier this month alongside the instrumental ‘Safe’. These are the first new releases since Petit Biscuit’s debut album ‘Presence’ last November. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer is currently in the middle of his largest North American tour to date, where he will spend his 19th birthday on stage exactly one year after releasing the critically acclaimed ‘Presence’.

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