The new stand-alone single ‘Outlaws’ from Two Ways Home is harmony-rich and smooth. The popular alt-country duo, Isabella and Lewis, create easy to listen to music which is heart-warming and always means something if you dig a little deeper. ‘Outlaws’ contains soothing vocals, memorable hooks and chorus and altogether an organic and raw vibe which you won’t be able to get enough of.

Two Ways Home has had a very successful year and highlights include the release of their critically acclaimed ‘Closest Stranger’ EP, performing at Country Music Week (which was run by the same team behind Country 2 Country Festival), along with major gigs at London’s Green Note and The Arches.

Isabella Mariee, one half of Two Ways Home, says about the new music video, “‘Outlaws’ is primarily about our human desire for material wealth. We came up with the video idea whilst playing a human-sized game of chess and realised it tied in lyrically with the song but was also a good metaphor for the physiological struggle between owning lots of material goods because they make you feel good but also them effectively “owning” you as some people can’t feel good without them”.

Lewis Fowler, the other half of Two Ways Home, says: “The video cuts between this on-going chess game and scenes of Isi adorning herself in jewellery. For us, these scenes represent the riches of the world and the hold they have over us. Ultimately she loses the chess game, which sums up the line: “You own diamonds like a Queen, but they rule you like a King”.

Two Ways Home are headlining at London’s Zigfrid von Underbelly tonight.

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