MAN WITH A MISSION has arrived to inject a fresh style of music into a stagnant rock world. They claim to be a half man- half wolf collective from Japan, destined to save the planet from wealth, global warming and political tensions. The band has released four albums in their Native Japan, which had led them to sell out arenas and top the charts.MAN WITH A MISSION

MAN WITH A MISSION has released their latest single ‘My Hero’ via Sony Records. The song has already amassed over 1.2 million views on YouTube, having already entertained UK crowds with first ever sold out tours in Japan, Europe and USA.

‘My Hero’ is every much as quirky and evocative as the masks the band wears. The song is a combustion of orchestral music, bubblegum pop choruses, intense rapping and crunching electric guitars. The song begins with ominous echoes of violins playing before erupting into the first chords of a catchy riff and an exclamation of fiery rap. The song then breaks into a bouncy and energetic riff that supplements the intense lyrics and hook-laden music that never leaves your mind.

The all-around thickness and soaring solos with the background of string arrangements create a hit fans of J-rock, RATM, 30 seconds to Mars will love.


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