Electro-R&B star Leonie Sherif teams up with Fashion Photographer & Videographer pal Oliver Morris for the music video to her forthcoming release ‘Equilibrium’. The song, produced by Leonie and longtime collaborator Simon Kusnierek, is about the struggles of insecurity and anxiety within a relationship.

The video is inspired by ‘Retro’ Neo-Noir, and intentionally juxtaposes a futuristic abode within a parallel universe against the retro like feel of 80’S Sci-fi classics
(think Blade Runner & Back To The Future.) Leonie is caught between two worlds and displays an urgent need for balance & stability.

The visuals are sleek, sexy and sci-fi and perfectly match the ultra-cool vibe of the song.
When in actual fact, the entire video was shot in Leonie’s Grandma’s living room…

‘Equilibrium’ is the last track to be taken from the ‘Nocturnal Wave EP’ set for release later this summer.

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