Our favourite Leeds band Late Night Legacy is back with their latest single and music video ‘Songbird’. It has a more carefree summery feel compared to previous tracks and what could be better for this time of year? However, nothing can take away from the group’s distinctive sound.

Lyrics juxtapose the upbeat feel and ‘happy’ sounding chord structure as they depict a struggle with depression and lost love for someone close. However, the four-piece still manage to capture positivity in their trademark bouncy way through visuals and sound.

Late Night Legacy comments on their music video for ‘Songbird’, “The concept of the video was to show a dystopian reality of the social media age with an element of humour. It shows how many of us feel the need to portray our lives through an unrealistic, overly positive, distorted filter in hope to achieve validation from our peers. It also shows how this can be exploited by some companies/people as they pray on this struggle to ‘fit in’.

Before its release ‘Songbird’ had already been played on BBC Radio Leeds, BBC introducing west Yorkshire and BBC Cumbria.

You can catch Late Night Legacy at Kendall Calling Festival on the Yam Riot stage on Sunday 29th July. Find out more and see future gig dates here.

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