21-year old Irish singer LAOISE (pronounced Lee-sha) is a modern day pop artist who records, produces and releases her music completely independently. She is known for her frank songs which are usually about relationships and heartbreak. She combines electro-pop with indie, alternative and bold motifs with ease.

LAOISE’s music is inspired by classic artists such as Kate Bush and David Bowie, as well as Taylor Swift and production from acts such as Tove Styrke, Troye Sivan. Her new single ‘Again’ is co-written and co-produced by Richey McCourt and Seán Behan.

LAOISE says of the song, “I had been struggling to write at the beginning of the year actually. I was finding it hard to take in everything that was happening around me. Women’s health and our rights were being debated here in Ireland at every corner you turned, and some things weren’t very nice to hear.

Becoming 21 and understanding what it means to be a woman amidst all of this chaos was overwhelming, and the way I dealt with it was writing this song. I sat down at the piano and I wrote the bones of the song in about 15 minutes back in March, it just came pouring out of me as if it had been suppressed for too long. It was quietly confident, and we all worked to pull that confidence to the forefront. Listening back now, I can hear that it’s not just about other people deciphering what I’m worth, that’s for me to decide.

‘Again’ is taken from LAOISE’s upcoming second EP, which is set for release in early 2019.

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