Joshua Luke Smith is a spoken word artist and rapper who has been gradually building a name for himself on the UK music scene. His skillful wordplay and trademark flows are evident in his latest release ‘Undone’ which features Oddisee.

He describes his release as “a record about the conqueror of all these: Hope”.  It is an intensely powerful lyrically and visual. A music video you won’t forget easily. Joshua aims to comfort those who have ever encountered pain (through doubt, abuse, regret or loss) in ‘Undone’.

Joshua has been influenced by a variety of artists from Eminem and Jay-Z to Tom Petty, Tracy Chapman, Cat Stevens, artists that were introduced to him as child through his family. He soon began to link the style of folk and rock from the 60s and 70s to the rhythms of hip-hop.

Joshua Luke Smith has also founded his own indie record label, partnered with non-profit organisations and has given a TED Talk with the aim to inspire activism.

Stream ‘Undone‘.

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