J-Fresh is back with another ‘Fresh Track’, I mean the word is in his name! ‘My Gang’ featuring Predz UK and OFFCOURSE is the perfect summer bop that you’ll be putting on repeat, I know I have.

‘And this one’s another banger.’ A bold opening statement from Predz UK, making the track come alive through my headphones.

‘My Gang’ is perfect for your daily dose of Hip-Hop, with lyrics such as “You can take me outta the streets but you can’t take the streets outta me” getting stuck in your head. Immediately you can sense how well the men have worked together, bouncing off of each other’s vibes and energy. The song totally speaks for itself.

The track has made some pretty big fans already, with DJ Charlesy supporting it on BBC 1Xtra and Kiss Fresh and Voice FM adding it to their playlists.

Picture the scene. The warm weather has arrived, you’re on your way to a summer festival and ‘My Gang’ is playing from the car stereo. Life is good. There’s no stopping J-Fresh and his bangers, and with two talented artists, Predz UK, and OFFCOURSE, on his single, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t listen.

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