IfeFinch is back with the official music video for his song ‘Only Want You’ which he produced and engineered as well as co-directing and editing the music video.

IfeFinch comments on how the song came together, “The track was recorded with a special someone in my life in mind. I made the initial beat drum pattern with the melody months ago, then I revisited the beat in the summer. I then added the bassline, and when I did I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the beat and what I wanted to say. At this point, the beat had an AfroBeat sound to it. I then recorded the whole song. When I was mixing the track, I decided to slow down the beat to hear how it would sound and loved it, so I decided to keep it.

‘Only Want You’ has an infectious groove to it and the visuals are appropriately sunny and vibrant with a loose, sensual flow which perfectly matches the feel of the track.

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