“You’re the knife in my chest, it’s true”

NYC based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Eve Minor seduces listeners and viewers with her latest release ‘Ostara’. The track itself is dark dream-pop with an underlying trap beat, gothic synths, and brooding harmonies. The music video is very artistic and reflects this darker vibe with muted cinematography and symbolism inspired by David Lynch and even a cartoon symphony portraying Cinderella to break the mood. There are many hidden meanings in the visuals and the lyrics which reveal themselves the more you play ‘Ostara’.

‘Ostara’ is the second single off Minor’s upcoming album, ‘3:33’. She describes it as a “mix between gothic/darkwave, trap, and sad cloud.

Eve Minor is a very exciting artist who contributes towards every aspect of her craft and you can tell she has put a lot of thought into ‘Ostara’ and her prior releases. She has performed with Ghostfaced Killah as well as other profile punk artists. Having completed a national tour last year we can certainly look forward to more creativity from this artist – a title which is true in every sense of the word.

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