GIUDI is a connoisseur of dream pop and creative visuals, and her latest release ‘Sleeping Boy’ is no exception. Synths dip and spiral and vocals are expressive. 54 seconds in reminds me of the ‘Stranger Things’ theme tune with an eerie, ethereal soundscape. The tone changes tempo frequently and you feel as if you’re in a different world when you listen to the track.

The accompanying visuals portray a man trapped by the pressures of life and society, and you get the feeling of him wanting to be released. The song reflects the cinematic music video beautifully, and you can tell Giudi has put thought into every aspect of the sound and look.

Giudi the award-winning artist is very passionate about diversity and sustainable fashion. She has had the fortune of performing at several fashion events and music festivals. Giudi is currently finalising her debut album and it is set for release this May 2020.

Exciting times for Giudi.

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