Following her previous single ‘Hurricane of Storms’, London based singer-songwriter ECKOES unveils the visuals for her haunting and atmospheric single ‘Without Prejudice’.

The visuals are sci-fi inspired and feature a statuesque 6ft ECKOES dancing amongst shadows and lights. The song is very textured with various instrumentals and distorted production. ECKOES says of the multi-layered track, “‘Without Prejudice’ is the sobering realisation of inevitable, imminent loss. Looking at where you’re standing and knowing that it’s impossible to stay here any longer. Then looking out into the void in front of you and wondering how you’re going to do this. Again.

I’ve left space in the song so people can fill it with their own thoughts, their own stories – I hope the music carries them away. It’s unapologetically 5 & a half minutes long because that’s how it came out, & not all
art is born the perfect length for radio. I’m OK with that.

ECKOES comments on the music video, “As I untangle myself more and more from what people think, I can really feel myself blossom. This is the first one of my videos that I appear in, so it’s a landmark for me. It’s courage, it’s expression, it’s faith in my creation and the audience to come on this journey with me.

ECKOES continues to astound and surprise listeners with her thought-provoking music and is one of the most exciting music artists today.

Stream ‘WithoutPrejudice‘.

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