Diamante enlists an all-female cast for her latest video release ‘Had Enough’, the Mexican-Italian-American Singer’s fourth single from her forthcoming debut album due out later this year via Better–Noise Records.

DiamanteOriginally recorded in 2016 by Alt-Rockers Lower Than Atlantis the visuals for ‘Had Enough’ were shot in Palm Springs, California by a behind-the-scenes cast including Director/Producer Sofia Lane, production crew Rose Lu and Alyssa Mordal, and camera work by Tania Espinosa Cueva in support of the #MeToo movement.

The video begins with 21-year-old Diamante driving down the highway in homage to Gal-Pal Film Thelma and Louise in this song about female empowerment featuring actress Mackenna Johnson.

‘Had Enough’ is a beautifully produced message of defiance in the desert storm. The opening riffs resonate around Diamante’s headbanging, whilst the shots flicker between the singer approaching the camera with menacing ease, to her reclining in the back seat of her car. The story progresses to the two characters enjoying the sun, before reaping havoc on an unsuspecting suitor in the café who ends up tied up in the desert.

As Diamante explains, “I think especially in today’s social climate, it’s both important and powerful to be able to tell the world ‘I’ve had enough“, This is the ultimate anthem to stand up for those beliefs.

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