‘Soldier On’ is the new song recently released by DI-RECT, one of the most successful rock bands from Holland.
One word that describes DI-RECT’s ‘Soldier On’ is perseverance. It is an emotive and introspective number that leaves you enamored.
The forlorn melodies emanating from the piano combined with the lyrics have a riveting effect on the listener. Maybe it’s the all too familiar subject matter or the voice that captivates you.
“A million different voices that are trying to break you just listen to one, the one that is inside you and soldier on”.
DI-RECT, ‘Soldier On’
The music video does not have less of an effect on you as it accentuates the meaning of the song. The cinematography has an arty feel, and it carries the weight of the song and boldly tells the story.
One thing is for sure we all need that voice to spur us on now and then.
DI-RECT is made up of band members Marcel Veenendaal (vocals), Frans ‘Spike’ van Zoest (vocals/guitars), Bas van Wageningen (bass), Jamie Westland (drums), and Paul Jan Bakker (guitars).
The band will be touring throughout Europe this year.

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