Dax’s video’Book of Revelations’ is a question of faith, though the music video plays out like an apocalyptic video. It is an entertaining and thought-provoking music video to watch. The message in the lyrics should raise alarm bells in our consciousness. As long as you are breathing, you will find his words relevant. Dax poses a series of questions fundamental to our core being (faith) today:

What if it isn’t a lie? (What if?)
What if we make it to heaven and don’t get inside? (What if?)
What if we get to the gates and see God on the other side and he looks us in our face and says our whole lives we’ve wasted time?
What if we can’t go back? (What if?)
What if we can’t redo this life and get one second chance?
What if our future happined)ss is memories of our past (Go
While we burn forever haunted by the devil’s laughs? (Hahahaha)

His lyricism, delivery, and angst performance over the instrumentals contribute gravitas to the music video. Dax’s lyrics explore varying possibilities concerning different faiths. No matter the faith you profess, Dax’s ‘Book of Revelations’ will resonate with you.

The question remains, what are you going to do?

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