Circles by Bad Honey is a golden and syrupy dose of neo-soul. Their supple voices on the synths and bouncing beats give the feeling you are been divined to by a priestess. Smooth crystal-clear vocals assure you of safety as warm and soothing lyrics enshroud you. The music reaches into your consciousness and transports you to a state of bliss.

We wanted to create some cyclic motion within the music as well, so we did this via the looping arpeggiated synth in the verses and the layered backing vocal lines in the choruses which create a canon-like effect. We worked on this song with our friend Geo who we produced it with.” – Bad Honey.

So much thought and creative went into the making of Circles so much so the video created by Michele Stella has moving drawings narrated by an imaginary language.

Bad Honey is the brainchild of  Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone from South East London.

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