Casscade and Joshi flex on Hurry Up and Buy, and you’re sure to have a thrill, so waste no time and jump onboard. The North West London artist partners with the german artist known as Joshi Mizu. The partnership is a triumph, as it works so well. The wave of fluid verses, catchy hooks, and melodies keeps you entertained, taking you on a thrill ride.

This Journey you’ll find, Lows end up as highs
I got sauce supplied, hurry up and buy yeah
Sleep does not apply, Girls did not reply
Now I’ve did the grind, Now all I do is
All I do is flex, in the latest pair
With a bad b*tch, wavy like her hair
Man show me respect, Cause I got the flair
Three sixty five, We do this every year

There is no letup in Hurry up and Buy as it’s packed with a rhythmic freeflow procession of pleasing hip hop and RnB flavors on the drums. Neither is there going to be any letup from Casscade any time soon, as his lyrics point out, he is doing this three sixty-five days a year. So be ready for the lyrical onslaught this London artist is about to deliver.

“After headlining a show in Germany back in 2018, I really got to see how dope their scene was and how it isn’t too different sonically from what we do in the UK. I’ve always been about pushing the boundaries of music but organically. Joshi was introduced to me while he was shooting a video for his single here in London last year – we chopped it up, played each other music and the rest was history. That’s GANG now!” – Casscade

We hope to see more collaborations from these two in the future and flex more. Music truly has no borders.

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