Tove Lo says the debut single by Becky and the Birds gives her “serious goosebumps” and she’s spot on. Listening to ‘Holding On’ is like being in a dream with satin vocals, a mystically diverse sonic template with a subtle nod to 90s R&B, trip-hop and woozy electronica.

Becky and the Birds aka Thea Gustafsson is a 21-year-old from Örebro who writes, produces and sings all of her own music and attended the prestigious Musikmakarna Songwriters Academy of Sweden. Her new music video is sentimental and the home video footage captures intimate moments between couples in Stockholm.

Becky and the Birds explain, “The video showcases my ability and desire to do things independently. By that, I mean with creative control influenced by people I want to be surrounded by. It isn’t about me or my looks since I don’t want that to be the focus of Becky and the Birds, instead, it’s about holding on to something that’s meaningful to you, and what that is is up to the viewer’s discretion. I want it to be about the music and the world in and around it.
I invited friends and an amazingly talented videographer, Sandra Thorsson because I knew they and she could help me achieve exactly what I wanted with that we were given. Out of it came a very homey DIY project that I am quite fond of. I hope you find something in it”.

‘Holding On’ has instantly launched Becky and the Birds to become one of the most hotly-tipped new acts to come out of Sweden. And it’s something she is doing all on her own having had millions of streams as a vocalist in high profile collaborations, but who always wanted to do something more. “I always had this voice inside me—society’s voice—that was like ‘No, you can’t, ‘cos you’re a girl, that’s for the boys‘” she explains.

I was like, I can’t do this anymore—having all these dudes mansplaining, sitting with their spread legs,” Thea says. “I was just so frustrated. When you have a really clear vision yourself, it’s difficult to compromise“.

Well, Becky and the Birds is definitely flying high now.

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