We can’t get enough of Sage Charmaine’s playfulness, on her latest single ‘Around’. Her feistiness shines through via the hook’s lyrics “bitch I’ve been around,” over a mid-tempo, R&B, Trap-influenced beat. Charmaine’s quirkiness is apparent in the video where you will find her wearing the biggest pink glasses on the planet and a yellow boob tube, whilst freestyling with her eccentric crew amongst ridiculously colourful sceneries. The filmography is almost reminiscent of the music video for the 2013 single ‘Youth’ by critically acclaimed Electro Pop artist Foxes.
And…let’s not forget the notable scene where Sage invites you to her bedroom, dressed in a pink ballerina dress, to participate in a pillow fight with the singer and her besties.

Sage Charmaine is fun and bold with the utmost “f*ck-off” attitude and you would be foolish to not check out her new EP ‘Don’t Leave Me’ which is out now on all online stores. Think of Sage Charmaine as the “ghetto-Bonnie McKee,” and you’ll know what to expect.

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