George Taylor, the Leicester born singer-songwriter that brought you the indie acoustic ‘Stay Warm’ has followed up his release with the beautifully dark and atmospheric ‘Come Follow Me Down’. The beautifully raw and gritty notes of the sullen track have been equally matched by his heavily stylised and eerie music video, released just a fortnight ago.

The music video directed by Griffon Stoddard, featuring nun’s, priests, book burnings and serpents is reaped with a gloomy yet highly stylised mise en scène. The video, so intricately directed by Griffon Stoddard plays upon the feelings of isolation that are expressed by Taylor’s artistically crafted lyrics. The song follows the darker side of love and the plea for another to understand the despair that one can suffer, an “invitation from one person to another to join them in their misery”.

The dusky notes of George Taylor have been making waves in the industry; charging from strength to strength since his signing in 2016 with global publishing company Warner/Chappell.

George Taylor will be performing live at The Great Escape Festival on May 17th at Jubilee Square, 6 pm.

Stream ‘Come Follow Me Down‘.


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