Fred Seul is back with his latest release ‘More Than I am’ which reveals warmth throught its melody and lyrics.

The singer-songwriter says of his song, “More Than I Am” is a confession – a song about taking someone for granted. The story is being told from the perspective of both Fred Seul and his partner. It’s a timeless reminder to hold on to balance.”

Seul wishes to draw the listener into his universe of optimistic melancholy, where sadness gets converted into joy. The song is relatable, raw and honest just like the rest of Seul’s music.

He continues, “In its core, we’re talking about a catchy indie pop song. Dynamically, the track holds its audience intrigued with a distorted beat and bass under the deep vocal and lyrics. The sounds of the analog instruments meld ‘More Than I Am’ together, which makes it feel organic through a modern twist of electronic elements and guitar roles that keep you coming back for more.

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