The new music video ‘Till We’re In the Sea’ by RnB/dream-pop duo RKCB is super dreamy both in audio and visually. The pair had a breakthrough 2018 with two big hits ‘Alone With You Pt. 2’ and ‘Know Love’ and this new track and their upcoming EP ‘Shores’ just reiterates why they are ones to watch for 2019.

‘Till We’re In The Sea’ tackles issues of climate change and it’s a social issue RKCB are very passionate about. They say the song is inspired by “zooming out of our everyday experience with nature and trying to look at a larger timeline. We wanted to ask some bigger questions about our relationship with nature as a species, as we’ve evolved, and what the next phase of that is. As you grow with something, whether a partner, a place, anything really, it’s important to step back and take stock, and this song was us trying to do that with the world around us, and see what we’re bringing to the table.

RKCB stands for Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, a production duo based in Los Angeles. They are already accomplished producers and songwriters who have worked with artists including Tinashe Julia Michaels, Kacy Hill as well as many more. They are influenced by everything from Motown to Fleetwood Mac.

Their forthcoming EP will include ‘Till We’re In the Sea’ as well as five other tracks about the life and death nature of love, our relationship with consciousness and even global warming (which was inspired by Alan Watts’ Out Of Your Mind, which they read on a trip to London.)

Pre-order RKCB’s ‘Shores EP‘ which is released on February 22nd.

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