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Premiere: Jarod Lawley – ‘Everything That I Need You To Be’

Mon Oct 21 2019

“a modern noir song that pays homage to the dark side of the vintage era“ London-based singer-songwriter Jarod Lawley appears to revel in nostalgia from his looks which are a cross between James Dean and Elvis to his musical themes and sound. His Instagram bio says, “Alternative music for people with old souls” and that […]

Premiere: Julia Church ‘Crawl’

Mon Sep 09 2019

“you left a bad taste in my heart” Sultry songstress Julia Church is back with new single ‘Crawl’ – an addictive track with a memorable melody and mesmerising harmonies. There is an expansiveness to the song as if you are floating through the layers. This, in turn, creates a liberating feeling which is ironic since […]

Video Premiere: Terrane ‘Circles’

Thu Aug 08 2019

Fall into a dream world with the music video for ‘Circles’ from Terrane. The song has that otherworldly quality which the visuals bring to life fusing ideas of body, mind, space, and love. Terrane is an artist soaked in mystery and ‘Circles’ is unique with airy vocals an electronic undertone creating such a hypnotic piece […]

Video Premiere: NILUM Introduces His Debut ‘Numb’

Thu Jul 25 2019

Repetitive thudding sets the tone for this disjointed, mysterious track. It’s an odd mix of Hip-Hop and Emo but strangely, it works. London-based NILUM introduces the visuals for his debut single, ‘Numb’, and despite it sounding slightly indecisive, it is very effective. There’s a gothic tone to the track, making you wonder if ‘Numb’ is going […]

Premiere: Zikai Releases The Summery ‘Beach Day’

Fri May 10 2019

If this song doesn’t get you in the mood for summer and long, languid, hazy days then I don’t know what will. Zikai follows up her recent debut single with the glorious ‘Beach Day’ which shimmers with sun, light, and all that feels good. The sound of waves washing on the shore and a delicate […]

Premiere: Tommy Ashby ‘Someone New’

Thu Apr 11 2019

Tommy Ashby seems to have come out of nowhere but completely captured our hearts with his intoxicating music which takes on a dreamlike quality. We are delighted to be premiering his third single ‘Someone New’ from his forthcoming EP ‘Golden Arrow’ due for release on April 26th via Wow and Flutter Records. ‘Someone New’ is […]

Video Premiere: ‘HURT’ By Nate Simpson

Fri Mar 29 2019

From the first note, you are drawn into this simply stunning new song ‘HURT’ by Nate Simpson. The visuals are beautifully simple and let the song shine. His limber, velvet soft vocals soar above the soulful piano melody and achingly vulnerable lyrics are written all over his facial expressions – he feels every word. It’s […]

Premiere: ‘Fade’ By Naked Next Door

Thu Mar 28 2019

It’s not always easy following a breakthrough hit but Milton Keynes Indie four-piece Naked Next Door has excelled with their brand new track ‘Fade’. It is a slick of euphoria with a feel-good chorus and a surge of energy throughout. It’s filled with power chords and layered vocal harmonies and is head nodding and toe-tappingly […]

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