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Harry Styles

Harry Styles Presents The Real Harry Styles In ‘Fine Line’

Harry Styles is one of the most spoken-about popstars at the moment, and righteously so. His second album ‘Fine Line’ was introduced to...

Brodie Sparkles With New Single ‘Diamonds’

“Being a rap artist is all I’ve ever wanted“ It makes a change to hear a British accent over a Trap beat, brought...
Richard Frenneaux

Premiere: Richard Frenneaux ‘Arcades’

‘Arcades’ is the uplifting debut single from Richard Frenneaux, the Brisbane-based songwriter and producer, ex-frontman of post-punk band Red Light Company. ‘Arcades’ crackles...

Deliciously Dreamy R&B From Rising Trio 303

“Lying next to her, are you wide awake, dreaming bout me too?” Three digits, three young women, succulent R&B…it can only be 303....

Premiere: FERGUS Releases Acoustic EP ‘Close Quarters’

Singer-songwriter FERGUS releases a stunning acoustic EP ‘Close Quarters’ containing 4 of his much-loved songs which are stripped back to their core. The...
Saskia Griffiths-Moore

Video Premiere: Saskia Griffiths-Moore ‘For You’

“Don’t worry, you’ll find it, For you” Saskia releases her stunning new song and accompanying music video ‘For You’ in partnership with Music...
Harri Georgio

Video Premiere: Harri Georgio ‘Release Me’

Harri Georgio is back and rocking out on his brand new visuals for ‘Release Me’. It’s the follow-up single to his famously-known Reggae...
M w S

Silky Sounds From M w S With Stunning New EP ‘Grow’

Lose yourself in the silky sounds of M w S, the Italian songwriting duo who are making beautiful music from their London home....

Premiere: D’Melo – ‘Faithful’

‘Faithful’ is D’Melo’s third release and in its brief time period relays a bouncy, playful feel with a catchy hook and slick beat...

‘Breathing In Reverse’ Is A Psychedelic Rush From Panaviscope

“if we lose ourselves in the wind, yeah, will we get this purple feeling?” ‘Breathing In Reverse’ absorbs the listener immediately with its...

On-The-Go Releases The Up-Tempo ‘Never Enough’

Following in the footsteps of ’70s and 80’s Alt-Rock acts such as The Psychedelic Furs and Pete Shelley, On-The-Go has released their latest...
Trunky Juno

Nostalgic Dream-Pop From Trunky Juno With ‘It’s A Trip’

Trunky Juno is definitely not from this era. But one thing is for certain…he is bringing back an era of Indie music which...
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