Strawberry Wine Is A Potent Affair By Andrea Turk X Virgo Verse

Thu Jan 07 2021

Like its namesake, Strawberry Wine is a sweet, potent affair. One drop on your tongue sends you spinning in a haze of emotion. Andrea Turk and Virgo Verse collaborate beautifully on their new single; the rich melody combined with their bruised vocals and harmonies is intoxicating and leaves you craving your next taste. 19-year-old musician, […]

Karl Zine Serves A Symphony Of Mesmerizing Sounds On Call It A Day

Wed Jan 06 2021

Karl Zine serves a symphony of mesmerizing sounds on Call It A Day. The new single is a brilliant fusion of electro-pop, R&B, and Jazz influences. Karl narrates a vivid tale of the complexities of a broken relationship. Although not a new subject, Karl sonically shines as he takes you through the heart-wrenching motions leading […]

Siena Bella Drops A Dreamy New Single Walking On The Moon

Tue Jan 05 2021

Siena Bella drops a dreamy new single Walking On The Moon. She reiterates an unfeigned sentiment we especially find relatable with the ongoing pandemic. Her heartfelt and silky vocals warmingly drift on the array of dreamy instrumentals, with sincere lyrics that are profound. The song describes with honesty a sense of ineptitude that is self-caused […]

SEON Drops The New Visuals For Never Be Alright

Mon Jan 04 2021

SEON drops the new visuals for Never Be Alright. He takes you on a journey into the abyss as he pours his heart out with powerful lyrics that are soul searching, sharing relatable dark sentiments over intense, somber instrumentals. The emotions on Never Be Alright is all-engulfing making you share SEON’s pain. This track is […]

Esther Brings Back The 90s With New Single Pourin

Thu Dec 31 2020

Esther brings back the 90s with new single Pourin‘. The song encapsulates the qualities of a quintessential quiet storm groove from the 90s with all the delights. The mellow vocals from Esther melt into the lush instrumentals like a sweet kiss on a cold night. Although the lyrics are emotional and narrate a tale of […]

Dax x Trippie Redd Chronicle The Feeling Of Heartbreak In New Single

Thu Dec 31 2020

Dax chronicles the feeling of heartbreak in his new single, i don’t want another sorry. This time he has Love Scars hitmaker Trippie Redd onboard on the journey to add some extra sauce. Both artists fulfill their roles, synthesizing the feeling passionately in the delivery and harmonies. The visuals are undoubtedly graphic in parts (heart […]

Nicki Knightz Presents The Visuals For 1964 (Howlett Drive)

Wed Dec 30 2020

Nicki Knightz presents the visuals for 1964 (Howlett Drive). The UK artist takes a trip down memory lane, spitting reflective lyrics on the mellow instrumentals soaked in nostalgia. Nicki Knightz shares personal memories of her experiences growing up with both the good and bad for all to witness. And she connects with emotional sentiments that […]

Tune Into The Mindset Of A Winner On Suburbans by SR TheMveMnt

Wed Dec 30 2020

Tune into the mindset of a winner with the new single Suburbans by SR TheMveMnt. He drops inspirational and emotional verses steeped with moral qualities. SR TheMveMnt holds on to a crystal clear vision with resilience and belief to reach for great heights. The haunting sounds on the song, coupled with the empowering and crisp […]

Catch A ride On The Lyrical Escapade With Rich Caviar Just Be

Wed Dec 30 2020

Catch a ride on the lyrical escapade with Rich Caviar on the new single Just Be. This single is different from his previous releases with the fast-paced tempo and hard thumping trap beats. However, it still shares similarities in the usual quick-witted verses we have come to adorn as a signature skill of Rich Caviar. […]

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